ASLLC Core Research

Existing autonomous systems present a variety of technical challenges with complex decision-making, how these systems interact in dynamic environments, and in human-system collaboration. As humans are progressively removed from the chain of decision-making and responsibility, autonomous algorithms that can make better decisions in unpredictable ways and evolve to “best” achieve objectives under constantly evolving conditions is critical to overcoming the challenges.

Our innovative research on adaptive and context-aware autonomous systems is a core competency at ASLLC. We are designing advanced autonomous software architectures for autonomy situation models that act independently and intelligently in dynamic, uncertain, and unanticipated environments. This allows for us to competitively participate in small business innovation research (SBIR) programs that seek autonomous technologies in the areas of:

  • • Multi-agent autonomous systems
  • • Delegation and trust in autonomous systems
  • • Distributed autonomous systems
  • • Complex agent reasoning algorithms
  • • Sense and avoid
  • • Survivability and recovery of autonomous systems
  • • Monitoring and control of autonomous systems
  • • Frameworks/Architectures for autonomous systems
  • • High-fidelity simulations for decision support

AWIAS® – Autonomous Weather Intelligence & Assessment System

UAVs and other unmanned aerial systems are not only here to stay, but they are the next big thing in aviation. With the rapidly growing interest of UAVs and their integration into the national airspace system, there is also a need for advanced intelligent systems that support them. We are helping shape the next generation of UAV interactions within the national airspace system with AWIAS®

Our patent pending technology - AWIAS® - is helping shape the next generation of UAVs that can intelligently assist support crew members with responding to obstacles, adverse weather conditions and other unknown weather interferences that can have an adverse impact on the overall flight goal or mission objective. AWIAS® is a proven framework that can intelligently process weather sensor data, aircraft performance data, and airman inputs to create its own internal situation model to direct its decision making. At its core, AWIAS® helps human operators of manned and unmanned vehicles with complex decision making in dynamically changing weather environments ranging from military to civil and commercial domains.